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Custom Decorative / FF& E

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This is also known as contract lighting. Fixtures within this category are typically custom either in part or in whole and can range from a single chandelier to table lamps, floor lams, sconces etc and as such can be portable or hard wired. These are the lighting elements that are the jewels of the interior space. They are meant to be seen and are integral parts of the interior architectural design.

Back of House

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Just as the name conveys, these fixtures are those that you would typically find in the non-guest accessible areas such as offices, storerooms, kitchens, employee lounges etc. Being more utilitarian in nature, fixtures found in BOH spaces are typically more commodity driven. With the increasing demand on energy and subsequent rise in energy prices, the utilitarian BOH fixtures of the past are quickly needing to become more energy efficient and thus the reflector systems are becoming more complex. Typical fixtures found in BOH spaces are linear fluorescent strips, 2x2 / 2x4 lensed troffers and common fluorescent downlights.

Front of House

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Opposite from Back of House, fixtures found in Front of House spaces are the work horses of guest accessible area lighting. Fixtures in this area need to have good optical systems to reduce potential for glare. Lamp sources range from low voltage halogen to compact fluorescent including some applications for high intensity discharge Metal Halide lamps and LED. In addition to energy efficiency, color rendition and color temperature are both important factors to consider when selecting lamps for front of house fixtures. Typical fixture types include, downlights, pendants, track, linear and cove.

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