The Concept Title

The initial concept of Global Lyte is simple. Direct lighting procurement of any and every type of light fixture and lighting control system at a simple fee.

We are your trusted advisor.

What this means to you… We are focused on providing the best possible product and services to meet your needs.  Think of us as an owner’s representative for lighting. With over 20 years of experience in manufacturer representation, electrical contracting, distribution, and design. Global Lyte knows and understands every facet of the lighting industry. Our services are the very reason top design teams hire us to help perform their quality control work. We assist in eliminating potential gray areas and open options for change orders.

“We decided to do it the way everyone should be doing it!”

Lighting has become extremely difficult to maneuver and even political at times. This is because it touches so many hands during the process. Global Lyte is here to make lighting seamless and effortless while integrating pricing that is simple and easy to understand. With our full service solutions, we provide all the details necessary to handle every aspect of your lighting needs. A good example of this is working together with your design teams. We bring together all the elements from, Interior Designers, Lighting Designers, Electrical Engineers, and Landscape Architects.  

This was the very reason Global Lyte was established. Instead of going along with the old adage “everyone’s doing it.” We decided to do it the way everyone “should” be doing it. Below you will find a listing of some of our many functions we perform throughout the lighting process.

  • Simple fee. We can make it difficult but it’s not in our business plan.
  • Lighting take-off and counts. (Included in simple fee)
  • Project management (Included in simple fee)
  • Quality control. On time, right voltage, right color, not broken, and right quantities. (Included in simple fee)
  • Project planning and staging of products. (Included in simple fee)
  • Warrantee. Many try to state that this is void if lighting is sold direct. This is one of many myths within the industry. The truth is that the manufacturers provide this warrantee no matter how it is sold.
  • Coordination with your design team. You would be surprised how many Engineers, Lighting Designers, Landscape Architects, and Interior Designers don’t know to what extent each other is responsible to cover. (Included in simple fee)
  • Unbiased design assist. We are not in partnership with any single manufacturer or manufacturer representative. So, our professional suggestions are based on product quality, service, stability, and equivalence of pricing. (We bully the bullies, included in simple fee)
  • Provide real life budgets. Again, working together with the design team to provide applicability, availability, and cost estimating of products to meet true budgets. (Included in simple fee)
  • Provide submittals, samples, and installation documentation as well as O & M manuals. This should always be provided for approval and understanding of product application. (Included in simple fee. In staying with the truth, samples are on a product by product basis)
  • Constructive reports. These show delivery status, orders placed, changes to qty’s and products, and damage reports. (Included in simple fee)

In the end, anyone can sell you lighting. Global Lyte strives to apply wisdom, prudence, knowledge and the proper discretion in order to build lasting relationships with our clients.